Futures & Options (F&O):

Equity index or stock based Futures & options are derivatives, which use the corresponding Index or stock as their underlying. Hence our expertise in Equity research and Derivatives analysis can help investors take informed decisions while trading in these derivative instruments.

Why F&O:

Since Derivative products provide good leverage opportunity, it is a great tool for hedging. Leverage is a double edge sword for which one requires proper guidance and trade management. Manashvi Securities Ltd’s derivatives desk help’s you to make better trading decisions through various research reports and analysis. The derivatives desk doesn’t stop at just that, he goes a step further to ensure that your trades are settled and traded with proper margin in your account in a timely manner.

Manashvi Securities Ltd a member of NSE (for equity based derivatives) has a network of over 50 branches in India, rendering quality equity trading services. Manashvi Securities Ltd does not only have a strong offline presence but also provides online trading services.

Manashvi Securities Ltd takes a client-focused approach to guidance and execution by providing unmatched accountability and transparency